Analog RCA / XLR Interconnects
- Available in three NEW versions sharing the same design philosophy. All of them sound natural and real. The only difference is the resolution, i.e., the amount of musical information they can deliver:

* Realism: An entry-level interconnect that sounds like a flagship. Expansive, tridimensional and "real" sound.

** Immersion
: Higher resolution for a very realistic musical ambience.

*** Experience
: Even higher resolution for a palpable musical atmosphere.
- Proprietary high-purity annealed solid-core silver conductors with enhanced crystalline structure: very high resolution with warm and natural tone.

- Triple-polished conductors: very smooth surface for a precise signal transmission.

- Individually insulated conductors with unbleached pure cotton: extremely low dielectric interactions (relative permittivity) and capacitance for a very natural sound.

- Vibration damping structure: lower microphonics for more details on all frequencies.

- Unshielded: Extremely low capacitance for a realistic tridimensional presentation.
- Authentic AECO RCA connectors imported directly from the factory (not the counterfeit "star line" copy sold on ebay). High-density silver-plated tellurium copper pins.

- Studio-grade Abbatron XLR connectors. Silver-plated beryllium/copper sockets and tellurium/copper pins.

- Hand-polished conductor pins for a better contact surface.

- Meticulously soldered with Mundorf MSolder Supreme.


RCA Signature (discontinued) - "This cable is unbelievable! I've been testing equipment and cables for over 20 years, aiming to achieve the most real sound possible, and now I found what I was looking for. My system simply improved not one, but two or three levels, and I was already using a flagship cable. Congratulation, my friend! What you've made is priceless."
L. Brazil

RCA Signature (discontinued) - "This cable doesn't sound like a cable. It simply doesn't sound. I just hear real music."
A. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "Wonderful cable with an unbelievable cost-benefit. It is on the same level as another manufacturer's flagship cable, which costs almost 5 time more. It's spectacular! Thank you so much."
M. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "I have just a word: WOW! This cable is a killer. Huge bass, 3D stage and an unbelievable resolution... and just right out of the box. You definitely should send your cables to famous reviewers. Congratulations!"
F. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued)
- "I’ve heard the cable, and as expected, it is magnificent. Although not burned-in yet, it already reveals the excellence of its performance, and releases a broad, strong and superb bass. Impressive! And just because I like this cable so much, I'm ordering another pair right now."
A. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "I just installed the cables and I'm testing them right now. I made a point of writing to you at this moment because I’m very impressed with the sound quality. These cables are spectacular, with incredible detailing and sound stage. I am already very satisfied at the first audition and I imagine that they will improve even more after breaking-in. Thank you very much."
S. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "This cable has a huge naturalness, combined with an unprecedented smoothness in the upper middle region, which was exactly my concern. The situation has adjusted and we soon realize that the Statement has the ability to show the changes to the system more clearly, even the most subtle ones. I believe that putting the Audiopheeling RCA Statement together into the system has brought me something I could never have imagined: peace. I'm not saying that I'm listening to the best sound in the world, but it certainly is close to the maximum my humble system can reproduce."
C. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "I confess I had an extremely positive experience. The cable was immediately plugged into the system and I loved the results. I'm really proud when I come across people like you, talented enough to offer us products which matches the performance of the best in the hi-end world by a fraction of the price. Congratulations! Who doesn't know your products is missing the chance of not have the need to search for other cables in this endless quest to achieve satisfaction."
L. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "Your cables are fantastic. They have equal or superior performance to brands sold at gold price. What a sound-stage! This tridimensional separation between voice and instruments!"
F. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "Congratulations again for your cable. I want to tell you that your cable is among several Nordost on my system and its place still guaranteed."
L. Brazil

RCA Statement (discontinued) - "It's impressive the difference after putting into use. I left a CD playing on "repeat" the entire morning to do not have a wrong impression about the cable, and the result is that it will not be plugged out from here anymore. Simple like that! It's just joy!"
A. Brazil


XLR Reference (discontinued) - "I don't even know what to say! This cable is simply fantastic in detail, musicality and three-dimensionality. Really impressive!"
F. Brazil

XLR Reference (discontinued)
- "I followed the whole evolution of the Audiopeeling XLR Reference. From the initial idea to the final product, step by step. This process took months, and although time consuming, it was gratifying. This cable really surprised me for its totally differentiated construction as well as the way in which it leads the music from the origin to the destination. The experience was so exciting that I immediately put two pairs on my main team, leaving behind cables that were with me for a long time and playing beautifully well. Audiopheeling cables are simply stunning."
S. Brazil

XLR Signature (discontinued) - "When I opened the box I was in shock! They are so flexible, so light, that looks like there is nothing inside them! The first impression was the organicity. The sound is more "human", there is no sound frequency standing out. The sound is so well "integrated" as a "whole" that it is easier to understand the musical message. I will keep them for sure."
A. Brazil

XLR Signature (discontinued) - "I tried the Audiopheeling XLR cable in my system and I can say it is a transparent and balanced cable, on all frequencies, not exceeding anything. I've had several famous cables like Nordost TYR 1, Kimber Kable KS 1126, Shunyata Research Python ZTRON, STEALTH AUDIO Indra and I can say that the Audiopheeling leaves nothing to be desired compared to these cables, which can be compared in performance or coming very close to them. The price range of these cables that I mentioned vary from U$1,000 to U$1,800. With this price and performance, Audiopheeling XLR Statement becomes a best buy. I don't need to import anymore."
V. Brazil

XLR Statement (discontinued) - "Audiopheeling XLR Statement has the whole balance of the best copper cables with the superb presentation that silver provides. The sound reached the balance that I was looking for."
L. Brazil
Price per stereo pair:

* NEW RCA / XLR Realism 1.0 meter: Available soon

** NEW
RCA / XLR Immersion 1.0 meter: Available soon

*** NEW RCA / XLR Experience 1.0 meter: Available soon
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